Andy's powerful presentation stimulates debate and discussion. He works closely with clients to ensure his message resonates with the delegates. See how audiences have responded to his inspiring speeches.

Nigel Keen, Property Director, Waitrose & John Lewis.

Our leadership team spent an amazing few hours with Andy & took back new tools to the everyday challenges we face.

Northern Housing Consortium

“Your after-dinner keynote speech at our annual awards ceremony went down an absolute storm. Everybody is still talking about it. Truly inspirational. Thank you! I hope we can work together in the future.”
Helen McLoughlin, Head of Member Relations
December 2013

Orange Business Services

“We asked Andy to go beyond the traditional one-way presentation and to facilitate a workshop, which allowed delegates to apply the key lessons from Andy’s experience to our business environment and daily work. The result was that audience fully engaged with the themes we had selected and the normal barriers to communication were removed.”
Andrew D Cross, Orange Business Services.

Peak District National Park

Thank you so much for giving such an impressive and inspiring speech at the launch of our new recreation strategy.


A highlight of the week, your speech drew parallels between our very different worlds. Despite your innate self-belief, your approach allows others in your team to take the lead while you coach and support them to ensure you stay on track. You were also clear about when you needed to step in and make tough, unpopular decisions to ensure the safety of your team. I can see why people follow your lead.


What distinguishes Andy from other speakers is that he excels in multiple fields… He brings all this experience to bear to make his speeches engaging and relevant to his audience.

Richard Watson, Group Manager, Microsoft UK.

It was a pleasure working with Andy and we had excellent feedback from the powerful keynote speech & workshops he delivered to our group.


“Andy’s presentation was insightful, visually dramatic and entirely relevant to our business – as we embark on a period of significant transformation. Andy has an excellent story to tell and the key messages are equally applicable to business and personal life, and perhaps most importantly are delivered in a thoroughly entertaining and absorbing fashion.”


Andy, Thank you very much for presenting at our conference yesterday. You did an excellent job of keeping everyone on the edge of their seats and entertained whilst drawing parallels between your world and ours – not an easy task! Thank you once again.

Joe Doyle, Vice President, Global Marketing

Specialist Schools and Academies Trust

A truly great sporting speaker: Andy has gone on journeys that few would aspire to, and has developed concepts of real value to those seeking to lead others.


Andy’s speech was inspirational with powerful messages about trust, personal responsibility and


“Having Andy gave us an insightful and interesting look at an unfamiliar world above and below ground as well as focussing our thoughts onto our own challenges and targets in the workplace. A great learning experience in many ways and one that we will take forward in our team development.”
Nicholas Ashton, VP Exploration, EXP EE GSS.


Everyone commented on what a big impact Andy Cave had at our conference in Basel. He underlined the importance of effective communication, personal responsibility and appropriate leadership in dealing with change.