Andy’s profile and reputation as an engaging speaker have lead to appearances on primetime TV and radio. His books have won international awards and received glowing reviews in the national media.


Andy’s assured tone and engaging style has made him a popular guest and presenter on radio programmes.

A Good Read, BBC Radio 4
Presenter Harriet Gilbert and two mountaineering authors, Andy Cave & Ed Douglass discuss their favourite books.

Excess Baggage, Sandy Toksvig, BBC Radio 4
Andy chats about writing, mountaineering, and techniques used to reach a non-climbing audience.

Leaving the Comfort Zone Dominic Arkwright, BBC Radio 4
Andy talks about his work as a motivational speaker, how he overcame adversity, the importance of self belief when entering the unknown and on being innovative.

Andy Cave’s Expedition Underground, BBC Radio 4
Andy presents a programme exploring the history and significance of the Thirlmere Aqueduct. This Victorian engineering marvel still transports water from the Lake District to Manchester.


Since being just a young man, Andy’s exploits have attracted the attention of TV. At ease in front of the camera, he communicates his adventures with clarity and wry humour.

The Ogre, ITV (1990)
Andy’s first appearance on TV in a documentary as he leads his team on an expedition to the north face of the Ogre in the Himalayas, aged just 23yrs.

Eiger: Wall of Death, BBC4 (2010)
Andy talks about his remarkable ascent as a mere 20 year old, and discusses the skills required to tackle this beast.

Wild Climbs, BBC2 (2000)
An expedition to the sandstone towers of Teplice, Czech Republic.

Griff Rhys Jones’ Mountain, BBC2 (2007)
Andy helps to motivate teenagers from a tough inner city school by taking them climbing.

Coast, BBC2 (2007)
Andy climbs the iconic Old Man of Hoy, a 450ft sea stack in the Orkneys.