Often people say something can't be done without them having tried. How do they know? I always want to see for myself.


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Motivational speaker Andy Cave delivers speeches that capture the drive and spirit necessary to succeed.

Andy has spoken to organisations, big and small, delivering a message that motivates people to get the best from themselves and each other. He focuses on the cornerstones of any successful venture, be it in the mountains or work place:

    • Motivation
    • Leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Communication

The parallels between events on the mountain and in our own organization were startling. It acted as a real catalyst for us to examine our own issues.


Andy has climbed some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous mountains. His motivational speeches highlight the key qualities he and his team mates needed to survive the harsh, rapidly changing conditions nature threw at them. These qualities are common to individuals who make up any group working towards a shared goal. Just some of the themes Andy can talk about include:

  • Vision – having it, communicating it and winning consensus.
  • Team Spirit – taking personal responsibility, building trust and rapport.
  • Managing Change – the capacity to adapt and adjusting the route to goal.
  • Resilience – the ability to keep going when things get tough and to see the job through.
  • Managing risk – effective decision making and contingency planning.
  • Innovation – balancing creativity with functionality and efficiency.

The speeches, packed with humour and drama, recount a rousing, uplifting tale that both motivates and energizes audiences. Time after time people comment that lessons Andy learnt in the mountains can be applied to their own working lives. The themes presented help people attain clarity, providing a fresh perspective on their organizational issues.

Andy works closely with clients to ensure that his speech resonates with the audience and engages with the issues delegates face in their working environment. His presentation always stimulates discussion and debate. His testimonials bear witness.