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Secrets of Success – Commitment to the Plan

Getting a group of individuals to buy into an audacious plan requires commitment. You can have all the skill and talent in the world, but if people’s hearts are not in it, the chances of success fall away. Just as […]

The Art of Speaking – Part 1

For many of us, the thought standing up and speaking to a group of people is terrifying. I still get nervous before an event, even after 20 years of public speaking to thousands of people; but I have learnt a […]

The Art of Speaking – Part 2

Who Cares? When delivering a speech, just remember that because you’re the boss or someone of note, doesn’t mean people will sit up and listen. When preparing a presentation, a good starting point is to ask: ‘Why should anyone care […]

The art of speaking and the ‘right to roam’.

After giving so many motivation speeches ‘indoors’ on teamwork and leadership at corporate events, it was a real treat to get to speak ‘outdoors’ recently. The Peak District National Park held an event to mark the 10th anniversary of CRoW. The Countryside Rights of Way Act has significantly increased open access in England for all. In The Peak District alone, On September 19th 2004, the public’s right of access grew from 240 sq km to more than 500 sq km, opening up a new world to be explored inside Britain’s first national park.

Secret Switzerland – Top 5 Mountain Gems

One of the perks of working as a mountain guide – being the leader of groups – is the opportunity to explore off the beaten track. Over the years I have discovered some real Swiss gems, venues rarely crowded. Here are five of my favourites.

Eight tips for making a good winter climbing film!

When Award winning filmmaker Paul Diffley and I discussed where to make a mountaineering film, Scotland in winter leapt out. It is where I began my mountaineering 30 years ago and remains one of the most challenging environments I have faced. It is also one of the most magnificent.

Top ten avalanche safety tips for off-piste skiers

With such a bumper year for snow, many folk will be heading out skiing this Easter. Some will be heading off-piste where you have to look after your own safety.

My two previous blogs focused more on mountaineers, but skiing is different for two main reasons. On skis, you travel around the mountain so much quicker, changing altitude, angle and aspect of slope in seconds, so you must continually re-assess the risks and make decisions. Also, choosing a descent is committing – walking back up hill is hard work!

What is the best ski descent in the world?

So winter has arrived. The nights are long. With the exception of Christmas, many people find the season depressing. Yet for others, winter is where they find inspiration and motivation. They hope that soon snow will fall. In Zermatt and Whistler, locals will be praying for a bumper year, and in towns and cities all over the northern hemisphere, men, women and children wait, tingling with excitement, their gloves and goggles ready.

Social media testing, testing 123!

So I have abseiled into the abyss of social media; twitter, facebook all linked to my blog – wish me luck!

A new route in the Alps – motivated by the fear of failure?

A management consultant commented yesterday that he hired me as a motivational speaker because, he believed as a mountaineer, I was ‘bold, innovative and unique’.

It is difficult for me to judge, but one thing that matters is to be true to myself and to walk the talk. When I deliver speeches about managing risk, leadership, teamwork or overcoming adversity, I always speak from real, personal events. I am still learning as a climber.