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Fontainebleau – what the forest teaches?

Fontainebleau – what the forest teaches?
Every time I return from a bouldering trip to the forest of Fontainebleau, I feel like I am a better climber. Physical strength is important in climbing as is the mental side, but ‘Font’ seems to demand other elements too, elements that as climbers we often underestimate.

5 Valuable things climbing on gritstone taught me!

I gave a speech at the Royal Geographical Society in London last month and I started by saying how the foundation of my climbing began on gritstone.

I always feel lucky that I learnt to climb on the gritstone edges of Derbyshire and Yorkshire. There is no better place to test yourself as a leader. People can be disparaging about the modest height of Stanage or Froggat Edge (20 metres or so, max) , but ironically that is what makes them so serious. On relatively small cliffs the ground is always close by, meaning even a short fall could end by smashing into the ground. And the ground beneath gritstone cliffs is not kind and often littered with sharp boulders.

Exploring the Cordillera Darwin – Tierra del Fuego

In September 2013, Simon Yates and I set off to explore new routes in the mountains of the Cordillera Darwin in Tierra del Fuego, at the tip of South America. We would be the only people climbing in a mountain range as long as the Alps: the only access is by boat. On the map there are a few red lines denoting previous explorers’ routes. Most of the map is blank, totally unexplored – a rare thing in today’s world.

Eight tips for making a good winter climbing film!

When Award winning filmmaker Paul Diffley and I discussed where to make a mountaineering film, Scotland in winter leapt out. It is where I began my mountaineering 30 years ago and remains one of the most challenging environments I have faced. It is also one of the most magnificent.

Astronauts, Mountaineers and Socks

Before leaving for the Himalayas in 1976, Pete Boardman and Joe Tasker spent a night sleeping in a giant freezer full of frozen food in Manchester.

Time for Innovation; brainstorming and prototyping

One of the key elements of product innovation (or service innovation) is prototyping. Commonly, it is difficult for organisations to find space in their hectic schedules to commit time and resources to innovation and prototyping. It’s clear though, unless you want to create a brand that constantly looks over its shoulder at the competition and merely copies what others are doing, you must find a source of inspiration. Creative brainstorming and solid prototyping can help develop fresh and inspiring designs.