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Paradise Regained: Deep Water Soloing in Mallorca

I have just returned from a Deep Water Soloing trip to Mallorca. The idea is that you climb the wonderful limestone cliffs, up to 15 metres high, without ropes and the sea is your safety net. It seemed de riguer to fall or jump in each day, just to get used to it. I must admit, I spent the first couple of days not falling in. It just seemed wrong!

Naranjo de Bulnes; third time lucky.

The great tower of El Naranjo de Bulnes in the Picos d’Europa is one of the most famous mountains in Spain. Ever since seeing a photo of it as a teenager I wanted to climb it. However, for one reason and another, it would take me many years to succeed and teach me a few things along the way.

I first tried to climb Naranjo de Bulnes 20 years ago, alone and in winter, approaching on skis. I was working in Spain and I had a couple of days free. The weather was so bad I never made it to the base of the mountain and I had to take refuge in a shepherd’s hut overnight. I left without even seeing the peak.

Survival tips for mountaineers # 1 – Get the Information!

A key part of reducing a team’s exposure to risk on a climb is the quality of the information about the mountain and the conditions they are likely to encounter.

Whether it is a day climb in Scotland or a Himalayan peak, time spent researching is an investment. Climbers are good at setting clear goals; successful ones are masters of making the right decision in view of conditions.